Expert Witness Architect

An Expert Witness Architect is an Architect that can provide their expert opinion in tribunals, inquests, court cases, tort liability cases, professional misconduct, and arbitration between other architects and clients. They act as instruments for the courts and parties involved in arbitration to communicate and explain¬†the details of a building’s design, drawing, and representation.

Key elements of an expert witness in architecture are:

  • – Experience in building and detailing of buildings of the same occupancy type (i.e residential, commercial, institutional, industrial) as the case at-hand.
  • Ability to read drawings and measure appropriate “duty of care” of professional architectural standards and design, against as-built conditions.
  • – Knowledge of the Profession and the Ontario Architects Act as well as the Ontario Association of Architects disciplinary processes.
  • – Honesty and Integrity, and a proven track record of good character and high professional regard.
  • – Balanced and fair approach that considers evidence and data in order to arrive at expert testimony.
  • – Ability to communicate verbally and in written form clearly, as well to hold up under cross-examination and technical inquiry.

An expert witness Architect can provide testimony in:

  • – Public Tribunals
  • – Judicial Inquests
  • – Arbitration between other Architects and Clients
  • – The courts of Law (Small claims court, Superior Court of Justice, or Provincial Court

The Principal of Coolearth, Sheena Sharp, has experience acting as an Expert Architect in jurisdictions across Ontario, including recently in Toronto, and Parry Sound.  She has detailed professional architectural experience on commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional, residential and multi-unit residential buildings.

Increasingly we find ourselves called upon to act in disputes that arise on work executed by others, either to help explain the issues to the Court in a litigation support role, or to mediate in finding ways to resolve differences, and avoid costly litigation.

If you are in need of an Expert Witness Architect in Ontario, get in touch via email or give us a phone call at 416-868-9774 to learn about how we can help you.

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