Advocate Architect

At the heart of architecture and building is problem solving. As well as simply designing and developing shelter, Coolearth Architecture has acted as advocate for the client.  In such cases we provide service in the following matters:

Throughout the years one thing has remained constant.  That was the idea that the Architect’s role was to be advocate for the end user of the project. To that end, we have acted as both architect of record, producing design, construction documentation, and providing overview of the work in progress, as well as client advocate architect for those projects planned as design-build, or lease-back arrangements, where construction documents were to be the responsibility of the builder, or developer.  As Advocate Architect we have enjoyed a good relationship with a broad range of clients.  It is this relationship which makes the practice of Architecture most rewarding.

The one thread that runs through all the work over the years has been the ability to first and foremost serve the client’s needs.  Building is problem solving as well as simply providing an enclosure for business or private use.  The role of the Architect, has broadened to include acting as an advocate for clients who are dealing with design-build projects, or providing advice and support in litigation involving design and construction issues.  There’s nothing like five decades of experience to cut through the rhetoric, and help opposing sides find a successful way out of a dispute.

We offer a consultancy that focuses on client advocacy, quite apart from the delivery of design and construction documentation.  Increasingly we find ourselves called upon to act in disputes that arise on work executed by others, either to help explain the issues to the Court in a litigation support role, or to mediate in finding ways to resolve differences, and avoid costly litigation.

If you are interested in the services of an Expert Witness Architect, Coolearth provides this service to clients and lawyers. You can learn more here.

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