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High Performance House – Construction Photos

    The construction of a clients high performance house, near Parry Sound is coming along quickly!  The walls and roof are up and the enclosure will be protected soon to receive the upcoming winter weather. At this stage, when the walls and roof are being constructed, it is exciting to see the design becoming […]

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Ontario’s Climate Action Plan and Homes

“Climate change is a fact in our daily lives — raising the cost of our food, causing extreme weather that damages property and infrastructure, threatening outdoor activities we love, and melting winter roads that provide critical seasonal access to remote northern Indigenous communities. It affects every aspect of our lives, so it is our collective […]

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Designing for Future Ontario Climates – Homes and Cottages

Map showing the extreme daily maximum temperature change in degrees Climate change is topping national, provincial, and municipal conversations these days: and for good reason.  The fast few years have been the warmest on record (“NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal Record-Shattering Global Warm Temperatures in 2015“) and the perils of business-as-usual become apparent. Ontario is implementing a Cap and […]

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Workshop at EcoFair at the Barns

Craig England is going to give a 30 min workshop on the topic of Home Energy Efficiency, and making existing Toronto homes Net-Zero, at the EcoFair at the Barns on Sunday Nov 8th in the afternoon. It will be the 7th annual EcoFair at the Barns. Last year there was over 800 people at the […]

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Carbon Pricing: A Key Driver of Climate Change Mitigation

Last week, In a lecture to students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim spoke about the main drivers of climate change, and how these can be addressed. “We have to keep the economy growing – there is no turning back on growth… What we have to do is […]

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Passive House in Canada?

A Passive House in Victoria, BC by Greg Damant. Passive House is a standard which certifies buildings who achieve high levels of energy efficiency, and comfort. The strangest part, perhaps, is not the reasonable price point for which this efficiency and comfort can be gained (in Canada approximately 10% more initial construction cost then standard)… […]

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Land Use Planning & Sustainability

Recent and surprising news (at least from our perspective) from Brazil: a drought stretchs across their most populous province, Sao Paulo. Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira has said the country’s three most populous states are experiencing their worst drought since 1930. Expert consensus is building around deforestation as a major driver of this year’s drought […]

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Reminder: “Can Net Zero Meet Good Design in Lighting?” Seminar

Sheena Sharp, a principal at Coolearth Architecture will be presenting a seminar at Toronto’s IIDEX Canada, on Thursday, December 4, 2014, 10:00-12:00 entitled: “Can Net Zero Meet Good Design in Lighting?” with Deborah Gottesman and Harold Murray. “This seminar demystifies what it means to target net zero: what it is, where to start, and how […]

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Green Electricity and Upstream Sustainability

Analyses reveals that the vast majority of buildings which are currently built will still be standing in 20-30 years. Though we can expect some to be renovated, the performance and operational demands (heating, cooling, lighting) will remain the same. Initiatives and legislation which focuses on making new buildings more sustainable, such as Energy Disclosure and […]

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People’s Climate March

Canada, along with many other nations, has signed on to the goal of  keeping global warming below an average of 2 degrees.  It is generally recognized that above this level, we will start to experience irreversible feedback loops that will lead to a planet uninhabitable for humans.  However, our politicians, of all stripes, are not taking the steps […]

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