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Green Energy Doors Open 2017: Net-zero Energy Retrofit – Tour

We are currently completing the energy retrofit of existing semi-detached home in Toronto, so that it will be Net-zero.  This house will act as a case study and demonstration that it is possible to retrofit existing homes (single-family homes are a major contributor to Ontario’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions) in our climate. We invite you to […]

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Green Energy Doors Open 2016 – Thanks for Coming out!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the event we hosted as part of 2016’s Green Energy Doors Open. We were overwhelmed with interest and ended up giving three seminars instead of the planned two! We hope everyone found the seminars informative and helpful. A blog post on the event by Craig Stephens of the […]

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Net-zero Upgrade to Toronto House – Case Study and Progress Report

Coolearth Architecture welcomes you to come by our office as part of the 2016 Green Energy Doors Open. On Saturday September 10th from 11am to 5pm, we will share our progress to-date on making Toronto semi-detached homes Net-Zero buildings. We will present two one-hour seminars, at 11am and 4pm, hosted in our office at 386 Pacific Avenue. […]

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Green Energy Doors Open – next Saturday!

We are excited to be counting down the days to our event next weekend (October 3rd) as part of Green Energy Doors Open.  We hope you’ll join us!! Sheena and Craig will present a case study showing how an existing Toronto brick home can be made net-zero. They will also be available throughout the day […]

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