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On Toronto’s Water – A Guest Post by Toni Skokovic

Toronto’s lakeshore and ravines hide endless possibilities for recreation and enjoyment of nature’s beauty. Ancient waterways and trading routes, Toronto’s waters are now a stage to an ever evolving landscape, shifting under and shaping the cycles of urban development and conservation efforts. In this process, we are left with landscapes, grand and intimate, in the […]

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4 tips for choosing a Contractor to build your Dream Home

  Choosing a contractor to build your dream home can be an overwhelming prospect for many homeowners.   As architects we have worked with many contractors and have had great as well as horrible experiences. One of the main things we find is that contractors and homeowners can confuse each other via mis-understandings and poor […]

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Thank You to Everyone Who Attended the Opening

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the opening reception of “Toronto System” by Shawn Micallef. We hope you enjoyed the photography and the junction-wide event. The show will be up until May 31st, swing by!!     Best Wishes and Thanks again for making the opening such a success.   The […]

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Resilient Design

  re·sil·ience/rəˈzilyəns/noun 1.) the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. 2.) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Last weeks blog post (here) about the drought in Brazil, prompted us to look more into “Resilience” as a design principle.  If we can build cities, and change land-use patterns […]

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Photos of “April 30, 1904” Opening

  Thank you to everyone who came out to the opening of  “April 30, 1904” byTung>.  It was great to see everyone!  Thank you as well to Charlie from theToronto Distillery Co. for the awesome Junction-distilled gin and rye!   Here are some pictures of the event.       Tung’s installation will be up at […]

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10 events to catch at Toronto Design Offsite 2015

Studio Tung’s Installation “April 30, 1904”, hosted by Coolearth, was profiled this morning on BlogTO’s: “10 events to catch at Toronto Design Offsite 2015” “Toronto Design Offsite (TO DO, for short) is once again poised to celebrate local design talent for another year, bringing a packed calendar of gallery exhibits, interactive installations, and design-oriented talks […]

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Visualizing Development in the Junction

After a successful run during the Centre for City Ecology‘s exhibit “How does your City Grow?”, the AoUC’s (Agents of Urban Change) interactive density model has been relocated and revised for operation in the Junction! Now located at Coolearth’s office in the heart of the Junction, the installation will be running for the month of […]

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Faces in the Crowd

Heda Sharifi’s exhibit Faces in the Crowd is being taken down this week after a succesful and well-received showing for the Contact Photography Festival.   Thanks to Heda for his great vision of the city’s residents.  The refreshments and delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches by Randall from “Cut the Cheese“. We look forward to next years […]

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Faces in the Crowd by: Heda Sharifi

You are cordially invited to a public reception hosted by Coolearth Architecture, for Faces in the Crowd an exhibition of Toronto street photography by Heda Sharifi on May 3rd from 6-9pm in the Junction.   Faces in the Crowd is a series of black-and-white photographs depicting scenes and portraits of people on the streets of […]

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