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Blower Door Testing on Net-zero Toronto Semi-detached Retrofit

Yesterday the Coolearth team conducted a Blower Door test on the Net-zero Toronto Semi-detached Retrofit project during the construction phase to identify any major air leaks. By doing the Blower Door test mid-construction we are able to work with the contractor to solve problems before we get to far into the process.   This saves money […]

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High Performance House – Construction Photos

    The construction of a clients high performance house, near Parry Sound is coming along quickly!  The walls and roof are up and the enclosure will be protected soon to receive the upcoming winter weather. At this stage, when the walls and roof are being constructed, it is exciting to see the design becoming […]

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Net-zero Upgrade to Toronto Semi-Detached House

Ontario’s climate action plan seeks to improve the energy efficiency and performance of buildings in order to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The province has identified that we need to take all buildings to Net-Zero or near Net-Zero Energy Use. This means upgrading the leaky, badly insulated homes which pre-dominate much of Toronto and were built […]

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Green Energy Doors Open 2016 – Thanks for Coming out!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the event we hosted as part of 2016’s Green Energy Doors Open. We were overwhelmed with interest and ended up giving three seminars instead of the planned two! We hope everyone found the seminars informative and helpful. A blog post on the event by Craig Stephens of the […]

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High Performance House near Parry Sound

Construction has begun on the high performance house near Parry Sound that Coolearth designed. The house is a 2200 sqft permanent residence for a couple looking to move to their dream property on a lake near Parry Sound, Ontario. The houses of Frank Lloyd Wright have always thrilled the couple and they have been able […]

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German Certified as Passive House Designer

The Coolearth team is proud to announce that German Vaisman has been certified as a Passive House Designer in Toronto. We look forward to continuing to work with clients in Ontario, Toronto, and Cottage Country to design and supervise the construction of Passive Houses.  To learn more about Passive House design in Ontario and our […]

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PHPP now accepted for SB-12 Compliance

This post is a follow-up to the previous post on the changes to the SB-12.  The OntarioPH team including Sonia Zouari, Andrew Peel, Greg Labbe and our own Sheena Sharp submitted a change request to the Ontario Building Code to allow for the PassiveHouse Planning Package (PHPP) — the software used to design to PassiveHouse standards which we […]

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Passive Solar Design in Ontario

Passive Solar Homes are gaining popularity once again, having first emerged into general public consciousness in the 1970’s. Defined succinctly by the US Department of Energy: passive solar design takes advantage of a building’s site, climate, and materials to minimize energy use. In a “heating climate” like ours, where the major demand on the buildings […]

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Paper as Insulation

At the firm as part of our conversation around insulation types, one of the Principals, Marty, mentioned that we have been using newspaper to insulated walls for hundreds of years. Indeed if anyone has done a renovation or addition to a home in Toronto from the early 1900’s, they might have found old newspapers still […]

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Roundtable: Meet Ontario’s Next Generation of Passive House Designers

On November 17th we are hosting an event entitled  “Roundtable: Meet Ontario’s Next Generation of Passive House Designers” on from 6-9pm at our office. This is an opportunity for six groups of architecture students, who are part of the Passive Building Show, from three of Ontario’s Architecture Schools as they present their work to the […]

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