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Passive Survivability – Building Design for Resilience and Safety

Passive Survivability is a term coined by Building Science expert Alex Wilson, which he defines as “maintaining livable conditions in the event of extended loss of power or interruptions in heating fuel.” Alex, came up with the idea after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, observing how modern un-powered, un-serviced buildings overheated while traditional architecture remained […]

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Roundtable: Meet Ontario’s Next Generation of Passive House Designers

On November 17th we are hosting an event entitled  “Roundtable: Meet Ontario’s Next Generation of Passive House Designers” on from 6-9pm at our office. This is an opportunity for six groups of architecture students, who are part of the Passive Building Show, from three of Ontario’s Architecture Schools as they present their work to the […]

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Pictures of Ballicane Residence

Here are a few new pictures of the Ballicane Residence, with the landscaping in place!         More information about this project can be seen here:

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