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Net Zero & Good Design in Lighting @ IIDEX

  Join us at Toronto’s IIDEX Canada, where Sheena Sharp will be presenting a seminar on Thursday, December 4, 2014, 10:00-12:00 entitled: “Can Net Zero Meet Good Design in Lighting?” with Deborah Gottesman and Harold Murray. “This seminar demystifies what it means to target net zero: what it is, where to start, and how to […]

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Net-Zero Eco-Cabins

  We challenged ourselves to design off-grid cabins that function well and are comfortable throughout the year. Cabins located in the secluded wilderness are great for resting, recovering, and enjoying nature, but servicing the site can be expensive. Our approach is to super-insulate the walls, minimize air leakage, optimize for solar gain, use a high […]

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Solar Energy in Urban Planning: Planning, Design + Implementation

  This Monday September 29th, the Architcture Department at Ryerson University is hosting a symposium on “Solar Energy in the Urban Context” From the International Energy Associations site: A large portion of the potential for energy efficiency in existing buildings and potential to utilize solar energy still remains unused. Globally, goals and specific targets are […]

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Go Bullfrog!

I am a Bullfrog customer because, while reducing energy loads from buildings through design is part of the solution, it is not the whole solution. Consider that when we add Photovoltaics to the roof of a high-performance office building with the best envelope we can design, they can only provide power for about three stories […]

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