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We are excited today to share a guest post by Nabia Majeed, on her thesis work at the University of Toronto around healing environments. Nabia participated in the Passive Building Show at Coolearth Architecture in the Fall of 2015.   Nabia Majeed is a Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Toronto who completed […]

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Reframing “Sustainable” Payback: Cost or Comfort?

A common element in Sustainable Design is projected payback period. Payback is in this sense defined as cost savings in dollars that the sustainable measure will have over the long term, i.e by using less electrcity or natural gas. Here is an example of a typical pay-off calculation:   If the typical home is 1500 […]

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MAGICBOX Installation up this week for Toronto Offsite Design Fesitval 2016

Tonight is the opening reception for the installation entitled “MAGICBOX”, as part of this years Toronto Offsite Design Festival. Swing by to see the work, meet the artists, and enjoy snacks and refreshments! January 20th 7-9pm is also the Junction wide reception with over 14 other artists and designers installations. MAGICBOX is an installation exploring […]

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Sustainability of Typical Insulations, by Material

Sustainable architecture  encompasses the energy a building uses, as well as the materials used.  Any reduction in  Greenhouse Gas emissions required to product a building will contribute to the global effort to fight climate change, immediately.  This is the idea of doing things efficiently: accomplishing the same task with less energy allows us to either store, or […]

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2030 Commitment – 2014 Report – 65% Reduction over Average

  It’s that time of year again: when Architecture firms across North America who are participants in the 2030 Challenge report their results.  This year we exceeded the target of 60% reduction by achieving a 65% reduction.   This means that we are working effectively towards the 2030 Challenge goal of all new construction being […]

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Carbon Pricing: A Key Driver of Climate Change Mitigation

Last week, In a lecture to students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim spoke about the main drivers of climate change, and how these can be addressed. “We have to keep the economy growing – there is no turning back on growth… What we have to do is […]

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Sheena Appointed to Ontario’s Climate Action Group

Today we are happy to announce Sheena Sharp, a principal at Coolearth was appointed a Special Advisor for Climate Change as part of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Climate Action Group. The climate action group will advise the minister on effective climate change actions that will help Ontario meet its greenhouse […]

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Resilient Design

  re·sil·ience/rəˈzilyəns/noun 1.) the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. 2.) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Last weeks blog post (here) about the drought in Brazil, prompted us to look more into “Resilience” as a design principle.  If we can build cities, and change land-use patterns […]

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Land Use Planning & Sustainability

Recent and surprising news (at least from our perspective) from Brazil: a drought stretchs across their most populous province, Sao Paulo. Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira has said the country’s three most populous states are experiencing their worst drought since 1930. Expert consensus is building around deforestation as a major driver of this year’s drought […]

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